Back Into the PvP Groove Again

Escorting a cart in Silvershard Mines

Last week, I finally finished up Wrathion’s A Test of Valor quest and got the 6k Valor needed to prove my worth to him (yes, I’m a total slacker =P).  So for my next tests, Wrathion asked me to kill some dwarf with braids at Lion’s Landing and earn a victory in each of the new BGs introduced in Mists, the Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines with the quest Glory to the Horde.

Now the last time I did any serious PvPing was towards the end of Cata and I’ve never seen either one of these new BGs, except for the time I queued up for Kotmogu just so that I could /love a Dancing Water Skimmer to complete the To All the Squirrels I Once Caressed? achievement, lol.

So I queued up for both BGs Sunday night in my Ret PvE gear and got the Temple of Kotmogu as my first one.  The object of this BG is to hold onto one of the four orbs that spawn in the corners of the field the longest.  The closer you bring the orbs to the center of the field, the more points you accumulate.  Kinda reminds me of one of the game modes in Halo, where you carry around a skull for as long as you can.

The Horde got obliterated and I could not for the life of me stay alive long enough to help out our cause.  I went back to my bank and grabbed all my Season 11 Cataclysmic Gladiator gear, replaced some of those pieces with a set of PvP gloves from an early Sha of Anger kill and a Season 13 Malevolent Gladiator helm and shoulders bought with my leftover Honor points.  I did some gemming, enchanting and reforging and I was ready to head back out to the battlefield.  Here is my “Sun Knight” look, lol:

Arvash in Malevolent Gladiator Gear

My next Kotmogu game was much better, as the Horde controlled the orbs for most of the match.  I even got the Temple of Kotmogu All-Star achievement without even knowing it.

Temple of Kotmogu All-Star

Temple of Kotmogu Victory

Next up was Silvershard Mines.  The premise for this BG is to escort slow-moving mine carts from the center of the mine to designated shafts spread around the edges.  To gain control of a mine cart, you need to be within a short-range of it and the more members of a faction near it will claim it.  You can’t ride the mine cart or make it move faster, but you can change the tracks to make it go to a different shaft.

The group I was in was really good and we quickly won the match for my first win in Silvershard Mines.

Silvershard Mines Victory

And with those three achievements, I finally joined the 16,000 achievement points club.

It's over 16,000 points!

It was nice to do some PvPing again, I just need to work on replacing my Cataclysmic gear with Malevolent and eventually to Tyrannic when I get more Conquest points.  I like the new BGs, especially the Kotmogu one.  Looking forward to farming more HKs and Honor/Conquest points!