Ma Ma Ma My Monara

Monara, The Last Queen

As if the trash leading to Horridon wasn’t annoying enough, now we have to deal with this bitch, lol.

After dispatching Jin’rokh Tuesday night, we moved on to deal with the Tormented Spirit trash like we normally do when we noticed a giant quest marker hovering over the first set of stairs.  Walking towards it, we were presented with a quest, Requiem for a Queen, that asked us to put someone named Monara to rest.  Here is a description of the quest:

A chilling breeze sweeps across your body, bringing with it a haunting drape of sadness. Your soul sinks as you hear the faint, melodic cries of Monara, the last Queen of the Mogu.
Her sweet requiem creeps through the air, bending and shaping itself into a spectral hand, reaching for your heart. As it grabs hold, you see a brief flash of Monara’s last moments… her brutal murder by the hand of Lei Shen.
Song turns to sadness and Monara weeps, wailing louder and louder into the darkness.

We then realized we encountered something we haven’t seen since the days of raiding back in Wrath, the weekly raid quests.  Remember when we were tasked with killing Flame Leviathan, or Lord Marrowgar or the snow giant before Lootship or keeping Donovan alive during the Lady Deathwhisperer fight for the week and you got bonus Badges for it?  Yep, these weeklies are back, and for completing the quest, you are rewarded with the Spoils of the Thunder King, which contains gold and either a Blood Spirit or Mote of Harmony. No bonus Valor though, booooo.

So where do you find Monara?  She hovers over the platform after the first set of Tormented Spirits, where the giant Golem usually is.  Be aware of her Shadow Nova ability, which will blast anyone within a short-range of her a ways back.  We learned this the hard way, as most of us got knocked off the platform to our deaths.  After a few attempts and multiple deaths, someone read a forum post that said Monara can be pulled all the way back to Jin’rokh’s room to make killing her easier.

So our normal 20-30 minute Horridon trash turned into close to an hour of frustration.  And that frustration was made worse as we didn’t make significant progress on Horridon himself.  I hate this boss, lol.

Wednesday night, we decided to change it up a bit and do a quick clear of Terrace to get some upgrades that people could use.  And since most of us were swimming in Elder Charms from doing dailies on the Isle of Thunder, this would give us a better chance at getting those upgrades.

To throw a little fun into the mix, Lyss and I gave anyone who healed the Enchanted Plant and kept it alive during the Tsulong encounter 500 gold a piece, for a total of 1000 gold.  I threw a couple heals on the Plant and even Shadeey got into the action by bandaging it in between phases too, lol.  Easy achievement is easy.

Who's Got Two Green Thumbs?

We made quick work of the rest of Terrace, one-shotting the whole raid and some people got a few upgrades.  I even got my normal version of my Sha-touched weapon, Kilrak, Jaws of Terror, from the Sha of Fear to replace my raid finder one.  But I won’t be using though, the one-handed axe I got from Jin’rokh, the Worldbreaker’s Stormscythe, has better stats and a much higher ilvl.  I might need to revisit it laster to see if socketing Kilrak with the legendary gem and upgrading the weapon in 5.3 will make a difference.

After Terrace, we made our way back to Throne of Thunder to work on Horridon a bit.  As we were getting ready to kill the respawned Horridon trash, Wok noticed that Shirl was on the Isle of Giants and he asked if she was killing Oondasta.  She said yes, but the raid she was in had just wiped and were reforming for another shot at the giant T-Rex.  We made a quick decision to head out there for some possible ilvl 522 gear and grabbed Zari along the way.  We made it just in time and killed the beast, with most folks getting their first kills and achievements and even loot.  With 11 of us from the guild in on the kill, we even got the guild achievement too.

Oondasta Guild Run

So back to ToT we went, killing the trash quickly and Monara again, this time wasting no time and brought her straight into Jin’rokh’s room.  We didn’t get to complete the weekly quest again, even though the giant quest marker sat on the stairs taunting us.

We refined our strategy a little bit on Horridon and we made good progress as we were constantly getting to the fourth door.  We made it past the fourth door once, but by then most of the raid was dead.

Maybe it was the upgrades and/or the Oondasta kill, but to me, the feeling last night felt more enjoyable as we made significant progress and we got lots of loot.  We’re getting close, hopefully we can kill this damned triceratops next week. =)

6 responses to “Ma Ma Ma My Monara

  1. I think that the attitude shift helped a lot! People came in fresh from from a 5 boss kill streak, fresh new lewts and a much lighter atmosphere. We weren’t just wiping to Horridon all night.

    I think the new events we have set up will help even more.

    People don’t realize how mental attitudes can change results.

    Now that we have seen the 4th door a bit more, we just need the practice on it and we will have this sucker down.

    • Yeah, it always feels good to get some type of kill, whether it be an older raid boss or world boss. And we made out with some upgrades, which is always a plus. Definitely looking forward to our mini guild events =)

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