Heart of Fear Complete!

What an exciting week of raiding for Shadow Rising!  Not only did we manage to get a new boss kill this week, we cleared up Heart of Fear and got two new kills!  Congrats guys on a job well done!  This is reminiscent of the night we finished up Mogu’shan Vaults where our first Elegon kill was followed-up by a Will of the Emperor kill to complete the raid.

Shadow Rising Ranking

This puts Shadow Rising as the only guild on Drak’Tharon with a complete clear of both Mogu’shan Vaults and Heart of Fear on normal mode 10 man.  Woot woot!

Rocked the Un’sok

We starting the raiding week wiping all Tuesday night and some more Wednesday on Amber-Shaper Un’sok.  It took a good amount of attempts to get everyone acclimated to the Mutated Construct driving and the timing on the different abilities.  We tried a couple different strats, including stacking Destabilize on Un’sok as high as we could, before pushing him into phase 2.  But in our kill attempt, we deployed the signature “SR brute force” strat by pushing through each phase without worrying about rolling the Destabilize stacks on either Un’sok or the Amber Monstrosity in the first two phases and making sure that every Amber Explosion was interrupted.  We saved our Bloodlust for phase 3 to maximize dps, especially for those who were already Mutated.  Un’sok went down with only seconds left on the Berserk timer and I think Wok, Van, Lyss and I were the only ones left standing, lol.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok Down

For my troubles and with a lucky Elder Charm of Good Fortune roll, I got a pretty sweet one-handed sword, the Scimitar of Seven Stars.

Scimitar of Seven Stars

I wasted no time and after the raid was over, I quickly upgraded it to the 500 ilvl version.  Just a couple more Valor points and I should be able to upgrade it once more to 504.

Eliminating the Empress

Honestly, I don’t remember much of the Grand Empress Shek’zeer fight, it was kind of a blur to me, maybe I was tired lol.  All I remember is that it was a tank and spank fight; Wok and I tanking the Empress and then the both us getting spanked and owned by the adds, lmao.

The ranged and healers did a really good job in handling the Dissonance Fields and Zug threw out his banners to help with the damage when the Fields died.   Wok and I did a tank swap at every 4 stacks of Eye of the Empress, if you get a fifth stack, bad things happen (more on that in a bit).

The problem we were running into was when the adds came out.  In phase 2, the Empress goes and hides and sends us 2 Reavers and 6 Windblades split into two groups for us to deal with.  The damage that they deal on the tanks is pretty insane, you have to utilize every CD you have and healers have to give everything they’ve got to keep them up.  We even had Adoe kite a few of them for a bit just so Wok and I could get some breathing room.  Once Wok and I got the adds under control, the rest of the raid made their Amber Traps from the Sticky Resin on the floor so we could trap the Reavers.  After all the adds are killed, the Empress comes back out and the cycle starts all over again.

Because of our dps, we were able to get the Empress down to 30% and into phase 3 before we got another wave of adds.  This phase got really hectic and I really don’t remember all of the abilities the Empress does, but she still continues applying that Eye of the Empress debuff on the tanks, so tank swapping is still needed.  Remember when I said that bad stuff happens when you get 5 stacks of the debuff?  Yeah, you get mind-controlled by the Empress and it doesn’t wear off until you are killed.  It happened to Wok when he accidentally taunted off me and he turned and started going to town on the rest of the raid.  All is not lost, though.  I called over vent to kill Wok and have him brezzed quickly.  The dps took him out quick and Wok was able to come back in time to taunt the Empress off me.  The funny thing was Zarm thought it was a wipe when Wok got MC’d and actually stopped healing for a bit.  Silly Zarm, it ain’t over until the fat panda sings (good thing Sorak’s mic was turned off, ha!).

After that quick recovery, it was just a matter of time before the Empress went down, no flirting with the Berserk timer either!

Grand Empress Shek'zeer Down

In the pic above from left to right is: Adoe, his pet Gurgie, Sorak, Zarm, Van, me, Zug’s big daddy, Liyhe, Zug, Lyss, Wok and Shadeey.

Heart of Fear Guild Run Complete

An awesome week with my awesome guildies, what more can you ask for?  =)  Next stop, Terrace of Endless Spring!

14 responses to “Heart of Fear Complete!

  1. Yay for us!

    Poor Moog. He kept getting MCd.

    Although he was the reason I was killed on the kill attempt. He came right for me once he was MCd!

    On the Amber Shaper fight I was alive when he died then I got to die shortly afterwards from the stupid paracite. I was all proud of my damage/dps until I looked at the logs and realized recount wasn’t recording the damage you do as a constuct. Since I wasn’t ever in one in the kill attempt my total damage/dps was actually kind of low. 😦

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