Heart of Fear – Knocking the Wind out of Lord Mel’jarak

Wind Lord Mel'Jarak

Another raid week, another new boss kill as Shadow Rising takes out Wind Lord Mel’jarak to go 4/6 in Heart of Fear!  Grats guys!  We are also the first guild on Drak to get that kill and progress that far in HoF. =)

The strat that we used to defeat Wind Lord Mel’jarak is not what most guides out there suggest.  It isn’t an SR raid if you don’t brute force the boss or come up with an interesting way of using mechanics, lol.

First off, instead of CC’ing four adds at the start, we only CC’d three, one of each type – an Amber-Trapper, an Elite Blademaster and a Battle Mender.  Each set of adds have a shared health pool, so with our cleaves and AoEs we were able to hit two adds at a time for each set. And rather than tanking Mel’jarak away from the adds, we stacked him with the group so he could join the fun and eat some damage too.  We also popped Bloodlust at the start to bring down the adds faster.

Our priority on the adds were the Battle Menders first, then the Amber Trappers and the Elite Blademasters last.  Zug and Sorak kept tabs on the two active Battle Menders to interrupt any Mendings, while Wok and I backed them up if they got caught in any Amber Prisons from the Trappers.  Imprisoned raid members were called out on Vent and we rotated the savers because the Residue debuff only allowed us to free a member every two minutes.  I don’t think the Blademasters did much other than focusing on a random raid member and beating on them for a bit.

Once all the adds were down, Wok and I brought Mel’jarak to the middle of the room to give space for the raid to drop their Wind Bombs around us.  They don’t despawn and do lots of raid-wide damage if someone comes in contact with one, which wasn’t a trouble for us.  Other than avoiding Mel’jarak’s Whirling Blade boomerang-like ability and using raid cooldowns for his Rain of Blades , it was pretty much a dps race to the end.  And we managed to kill him right before he hit Berserk, lol.  Apparently we just love cutting it close on our boss kills. =P

We put in a couple of attempts on Amber-Shaper Un’sok to finish the night.  Un’sok is a pretty interesting fight, involving a “vehicle” mechanic where you become a construct with its own set of abilities, like driving the Abomination in the Professor Putricide fight in ICC.  Hopefully we can soon get him down and the Empress too, so we can move on to Terrace of the Endless Spring and completing that so we can be ready to take on patch 5.2 and the Thunder King. =)