Dominance Offensive Complete

Dominance Offensive

So before our Heart of Fear raid last night, I managed to finish up the new patch 5.1 Dominance Offensive storyline and let me tell you, I think this is the best story arc for any of the Pandaria reputations by far.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t completed it yet, but I think Blizzard did a great job with this.  We finally get some voice acting (yay!) from some very important power figures, which I truly enjoyed.  And visiting familiar locales brought back a lot of memories too.

The Horde has got some tough times ahead of them and I’m excited in how it’s all going to come together in our final battle with Garrosh himself, I can’t wait to kill him already, lol.

I finally got to experience the 100% bonus reputation you get when you purchase the Grand Commendations that was also introduced in 5.1 for all Pandaria reps.  I bought the Grand Commendation of the Dominance Offensive as soon as I hit Revered and it didn’t take too long before I hit Exalted.  I actually got Exalted even before I finished the final two Dominance Offensive storylines, so the bonus rep adds up really fast.

When you complete the final storyline, you will earn an achievement and be rewarded with a Grand Wyvern mount.

Grand Wyvern

Grand Wyvern

When you reach Exalted with the Dominance Offensive, you can purchase another mount, the Grand Armored Wyvern, from Tuskripper Grukna, who is located in Domination Point in the Krasarang Wilds.  The mount costs 2,000 gold, 1,800 with your Bartering guild perk.

Grand Armored Wyvern

Grand Armored Wyvern

Finally, no more reputation grinding and no more dailies, yay!  Well, until Blizz introduces a new one in 5.2, lol.  Now I can work more on pet battles and leveling pets. =)

Heart of Fear – Ta’yak Taken Down!

Blade Lord Ta'yak

More progress in Heart of Fear for Shadow Rising last night, as we took down the second boss of this raid, Blade Lord Ta’yak!  We had some pretty close attempts last week, so we had a good feeling that he would go down this time around.

This fight is divided in two phases, with the second phase starting at 20% of Ta’yak’s health.  The first phase is your basic spread-and-stack fight.  The spreading will mostly apply to the ranged members of the raid.  Ta’yak will target a random ranged player and use Tempest Slash, which creates a tornado at their location.  These tornadoes knock back players who come in contact with them and they do not despawn until phase 2.  He also uses an ability called Wind Step, which places a bleed on a random member and to anyone within 8 yards, so stay about 10 yards away from others.  The tanks should slowly move Ta’yak down the hallway to give the ranged space away from the tornadoes.

For the stack part of the fight, Ta’yak will perform Unseen Strike on a random player.  Once this player is targeted, Ta’yak will disappear and reappear 5 seconds later.  When he reappears, he will do massive damage to his target and anyone in front of him.  The damage is spread amongst anyone in his frontal cone and those hit will be knocked back a short distance.  The targeted player will be one-shotted if there isn’t anyone to share the damage, so it’s very important that you stack as close to them as possible.

The tanks need to worry about Ta’yak’s Overwhelming Assault ability.  He places a stacking debuff on his current aggro target that does a high amount of damage.  You will want to swap at every two stacks to minimize the damage.

At 20%, Ta’yak will bring everyone in the raid to the middle of the hallway and send them to one end while he moves to the other end.  He will then randomly send tornadoes down the hallway in three rows, left, middle and right. You can’t target Ta’yak from the end of the hallway, so you’ll need to run back to him while avoiding these tornadoes.  If you get caught in one, you will be sent back about 10 yards and take heavy damage.  You will also be taking periodic damage while running back to Ta’yak, so you want to get to him as soon as possible and use any lock stones or potions here to help out the healers.

We made sure that everyone was at full health before we proceeded down the hallway.  Any movement speed abilities like Speed of Light or Stampeding Roar will be useful in getting to Ta’yak quicker.

When Ta’yak reaches 10%, he will fly to the other end of the hallway and you’ll have to chase after him again, while dodging the same tornadoes he throws at you.

Our kill attempt was pretty epic, it was just me, Wok, Slice and Zug left with about 7% to go.  We all used our lock stones and potions at the last minute and Ta’yak went down with about 10 seconds left on the Enrage timer.  Whew!

Afterwards, we put in a couple of attempts on Garalon.  I think we can get him down the next time we raid, which won’t be until after the holidays.  But it was nice to get a new kill under our belts!  Good job guys!