Rock’em, Sock’em, Clock’em!



Finally finished off the last two bosses and reached rank 4 last night in the Brawler’s guild, woot!  I had some trouble with Ixx, the Starship Troopers-look-a-like bug, trying to stay in the middle of his hitbox so that I could quickly move to avoid his Devastating Thrust ability.  But once I found the sweet spot, he went down quick.  Mazhareen the tiger, who looks exactly like Loque’nahak, was a one-shot; he hits harder the lower his health is, so I threw a Hammer of Justice right at 10% to stun him and quickly finished him off.

So I headed straight over to Paul North and bought my new companion pet, Clock’em.  He looks awesome with those gloves!

Clock’em shares the same model as the Clockwork Gnome, except for the gloves of course, but their move sets differ:


Clockwork Gnome

The difference between the two pets is that Clock’em doesn’t have a healing ability and seems to be built to take down other pets with quick strikes and interrupts.  The Clockwork Gnome may take a little longer to dispatch pets, but his moves will definitely deliver the pain when they connect.

A Couple Quick Pet Battle Notes

I did noticed the change that Blizz did to pet battle XP yesterday.  Before, when you won a pet battle, the pet XP would be distributed among all your alive pets that performed at least one ability, even any level 25 pets.  Now its been changed so that any level 25 pet will not be calculated in the distribution of XP and all of it goes to the lower level pets, so this makes leveling your pets much easier and faster.  Also, don’t forget your Safari Hat for the additional 10% pet XP gain too!

Blizz is also looking to add Lesser Charms of Good Fortune and XP gains for toons below level 90 for successful pet battles.  The Charms seems to be a good idea for those who have their reputations maxed out and no longer want to do dailies for them.  I’m close to Exalted with the Dominance Offensive, so I’m excited about this change.  The XP boost for your low-level toons is great too, I’ll be utilizing this while leveling my other toons to 90 when picking wild pet fights and replacing any low quality pets with rares that I’ve missed.

I know both Sorak and Slice have to be excited about these changes! =P

10 responses to “Rock’em, Sock’em, Clock’em!

  1. I was wondering how long it would take you to get the pet 😛
    Grats! I love the idea about the lesser charms from winning pet battles but I only have one Alliance toon who will most likely benefit from that. I just have to start levelling her LOL

    • Now my dilemma is who to level first…Clock’em (who reminds me of Van Damme in the final match from Kickboxer) or Clockwork Gnome (who reminds me of Iron Man, with all his weapons), lol.

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