Spectacular Spectrals

Spectral Tiger Cub

Now I’ve been collecting the WoW TCG ever since it came out and the Spectral Tiger has always been the one mount I’ve wanted to get.  A loot card so rare that it is one of the most wanted mounts in the game, maybe just as much as the Ashes of Al’ar.  Very few people who I know have this mount, like Arioch and Navi, so I tried my luck to obtain one a couple of weeks ago.  I knew that Cryptozoic released an Archive set a couple of years ago, which reprinted cards from some of the earlier sets with a foil front, and they even included a chance at some of the rare mounts too, like the Spectral Tiger, X-51 Nether Rocket, Saltwater Snapjaw, and Red Bearon.  I bought some packs during the Thanksgiving week at Target and what did I finally pull out?

Spectral Tiger mount!

Surely this was a joke, I thought, but it was definitely real.  Only a few minutes later, I was online racing towards Landro Longshot to redeem my long-awaited mount.  And then I hearthed back to take some screenshots.

Spectral Tiger and Cub
With the mount finally in my possession, I was able to reunite the two Spectral cats together, lol.  Even though the Spectral Tiger shares the same body type as other tiger/panther mounts, I still think it’s the best-looking ground mount in the game.  Some people have paid hundreds of dollars to obtain this mount.  Others have dropped a nice chunk of change on their Auction Houses.  My lucky mount cost me no more than a couple bucks and I’m glad I didn’t have to pay that much for it.  Except now I want to go back and buy the rest of the packs to see if I can get me a rocket!  ><


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    • The Spectral Tiger Cub is the Rare loot card from the Scourgewar expansion set, which is the seventh expansion released after the Fires of Outland expansion, where the Spectral Tiger mount comes from. So for a long time, this little cub was the closest thing I could get to the mount, lol.

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