Heart of Fear – Lock’ing Down Zor’lok

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok

Last night we were missing Moog from the raid, so we decided to save Elegon for Wednesday night after clearing the first four bosses in MSV and head over to Heart of Fear.  SR managed to down the first boss, Imperial Vizier Zor’lok, a couple of weeks ago, but I was not able to attend that raid due to the holidays.  I’ve cleared Heart of Fear in LFR before, but only as Ret, so this was a totally new fight for me.  It took me a few attempts to get the tanking mechanics down and after some really close attempts, we finally took him down for a nice 5 boss-kill night.

This is a single tank fight that’s played across three platforms.  On each platform, Zor’lok will perform a unique ability and in phase two, he’ll use all three.

At the start, facing him, Zor’lok will fly to either the west or east platforms.  In all our attempts last night, he always went east first.  On the east platform, Zor’lok will cast Force and Verve.  With this ability, he creates three shells that the raid has to stack under to reduce the AoE damage he puts out.  You can only have up to four people in each shell, so it’s good to assign shell groups ahead of time.  Any raid cooldown that protects against physical damage would be good to use here.  Van and I tried to use Devotion Aura, but that only protects against Magic damage, so I threw out my healy Light’s Hammer to help out with the heals.

One ability that Zor’lok will use on each platform and throughout phase 2 is called Exhale.  Zor’lok will target a raid member and channel a beam that will stun them and do incremental damage.  This should be interrupted by the tank by standing in between Zor’lok and the affected raid member.  If you don’t intercept the beam in time (which is like 2 to 3 seconds), the beam will eventually one-shot the stunned raid member.

After Zor’lok gets down to 80% health, he will fly to the opposite platform, in our case the west platform.  Here Zor’lok casts Attenuation, where he shoots disks all around him in a pinwheel-like fashion.  The disks look similar to Atramedes’ sound waves, but smaller.  You want to avoid running into these as much as possible.  This is your “dance” fight, like Heigen’s waves or Alysrazor’s tornadoes.  Poor Zari, he didn’t have a fun time with this, at one point he told Zarm not to rez him and he’d rather let the vultures get him instead, lol.

After 60% health, Zor’lok moves to the north platform, where he uses Convert.  This ability mind controls two non-tank raid members who need to be dps’d down to 50% of their health.  Everyone should stack up behind the tank so that AoE heals and AoE attacks on MC’d members can be used effectively.

At 40% health, Zor’lok will move to the center of the room and will use each of the three previously discussed abilities randomly until he is killed.  We saved our Bloodlust for this phase.  Just remember what you learned on the first three platforms and Zor’lok should go down easy in phase 2.

Hopefully we’ll have Moog tonight so we can finally kill Elegon and the Will of the Emperor and finish Mogu’shan Vaults.  Then we can move on and kill the rest of the mantids in Heart of Fear.

4 responses to “Heart of Fear – Lock’ing Down Zor’lok

  1. Tip for handling the discs: Turn your camera to where you are looking down at the boss and your character (if you don’t already play that way). The discs come out in a spiral, either clockwise or counter (he changes each time he does them). If you are close enough to him you can just run in a circle around him and avoid them easily. Make sure you don’t get moved out too far though. This is even more important in the final phase because they start splitting into two sooner.

    • Good tip, I might use that to clean up my Exhale intercepts. I know there were a couples times where Zarm got one-shotted because he was behind the boss and I was too late to notice the beam.

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