Red Arv

The Brood of Nozdormu reputation was the last Classic Vanilla rep I needed to get to exalted and I tried to finish it before MoP came out.  I really slacked on it as I was busy having fun doing OpenRaids.  I think last time I was there was for one of JD’s Laid Back Raids.

So with the latest 5.1 patch changes where you can enter any pre-MoP raid without a group,  I decided to finish this up.  I was sitting at about 19000 of 21000 Revered and figured I would need about 4 boss kills and Insignia turn-ins to get to 999/1000 exalted (yes, I am one of “those” people who need reps maxed all the way out, lol).

After about 20 minutes, I finally finished it:

And I didn’t realize I was close to this either, lol:

And what way to finish up a raid, never to come back to, without grabbing this bad boy on the first pack of trash:

So after breathing a sigh of relief that this was done, I quickly remembered that also added with the 5.1 patch were three new pets to collect from AQ:  Mini Mindslayer, Viscidus Globule and Anubisath Idol

/facepalm….and I was so ready to be done with this place. =(

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    • Thanks Cym! You know what’s funny? Akama’s Trust looks to be a rep that only warlocks can get for a special questline and how are we going to max out Shang Xi’s Academy? lol

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