No more Kara and UP!

So after weeks and weeks and weeks of running Karazhan and killing Attumen the Huntsman a billion times, he finally dropped the Fiery Warhorse’s Reins!  Thanks to all my guildes and friends that have allowed me to make a raid with them so that I could run this every week…which Blizz is finally going to change in 5.1 to let us into raids without a group. ><

Oh, and remember how I wanted a certain mount after I had won the Blue Drake from the BMAH last week?  Well, I managed to snag this bad boy last night!

Take that, Skadi!

22 responses to “No more Kara and UP!

      • I might not have any money. When I got the 20k back in the mail, I went back to the BMAH and threw it on the heroic healing boots. Just to keep you alive in raids … :p

      • Haha, I was gonna ask you if had those already. I did see that Rocket Chicken on there too, that was at about 50K when I last saw it, people love ’em chickens!

      • Yeah, the chicken was already out of my range at 25k needed when I bid on the drake. So there were actually 3 things up at once that I needed. meh. It’s ok I’ll make more gold, the BMAH will be there all xpac. 🙂

        BTW I did see an arcanite ripper on the Winterhoof BMAH a few days ago, so keep an eye open for that if you don’t have one! I know you love your toys. 😀

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