Why umadSha?

The Sha of Anger is one of two world bosses in Pandaria that can be found in Kun-Lai Summit.  It has 260 million HP and is recommended to have a full 40 man group to defeat it.  The groups I’ve been in usually have between 3 to 5 tanks, 5 to 7 healers and the rest dps.  Although one week, Moog and I managed to two-tank it, so it really depends on how well the raid performs.

You want to have at least one tank on the Sha and the other tanks pick up the adds, either the small Ires that spawn or any elite mobs that the raid may aggro.  The raid also wants to keep out of black clouds that spawn in the area called Bitter Thoughts.  These clouds prevent you from casting or using any abilities, so get out of them ASAP.  The Sha also casts Growing Anger, which mind-controls several raid members.  These raid members need to be dps’d down to 50% before you can break away.

Other than that, this is pretty much a tank-and-spank fight.  If you do die during the encounter, release and run back to the raid.  Every bit of dps and healing is gonna help to bring this boss down quick.

For killing the Sha, you will be rewarded with an achievement:

And you will receive either a piece of Tier 14 gear, Season 12 gear or a Cache of Sha-Touched Gold.  If you get lucky, you could even obtain the Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.  You will also receive a quest item on your first kill, the Claw of Anger, which you can redeem for a pair of item level 476 boots.  You can also use your Elder Charms of Good Fortune for an extra chance at gear or gold; I know some of my guildies who were lucky to get gear from this. =P  I’ve killed the Sha a handful of times and I’ve only managed to get gold or my Tier 14 gloves, the White Tiger Handguards…..twice. ><

Good luck on killing the Sha!

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