Mogu’shan Vaults – Spirit Kings Spirited Away!

We had a very productive week in raiding in MSV, got a new boss down to make SR 4/6 in the Vaults!  Woot, go team!

Tuesday night, we burned through the dogs pretty quickly and Fayle finally brought his dog out so we could nab an easy achievement.

Next up was Feng.  I managed to steal the Lightning Fists, Wildfire Spark and Arcane Velocity spells in our kill last week, so we only needed two more for the achievement.  I had trouble stealing the Epicenter spell because we would all be under the Nullification Barrier and prevented anyone from getting hit by it.  But I did manage to find a way to grab it, as I would begin casting Shroud on a ranged member right before Feng would cast Epicenter.  Then as we grouped up for Barrier, the ranged would take at least a tick of the damage as they moved in, thus allowing me to steal the spell.  Arcane Resonance was easy to steal, I just forgot to grab it last week.

Gara’jal was a smooth kill and we ended the night putting in a couple of attempts on the Spirit Kings.  I also got a yummy stamina trinket from the trash, the Jade Warlord Figurine.

Wednesday night was a nice surprise, as we downed the Kings on the first try, lol.  This is a one-tank fight with lots of movement, so if you can manage to stay out of bad and know when to stack and spread, this should be an easy fight for you.

The first boss is Qiang the Merciless.  He does a frontal cone attack called Massive Attacks that has its damage spread among all players in front of it, so you would want the raid to stack on the tank for this.  He also does Annihilate, which does massive damage in front of him and should be avoided.  We just simply ran through him and stacked behind him to avoid this.  Flanking Orders are also used by Qiang and summons a row of Mogu Warriors that walk from one side of the room to the other.  They can be easily avoided, make sure to find an opening to move to.  Flanking Orders will be also cast throughout the rest of the encounter.

The order of the next three bosses are random, and we got Subetai the Swift next.  He does Pillaged, which reduces damage and healing done, but increases damage taken in a circular area.  Try to move out of this as soon as possible. This is also cast through the rest of the encounter. Rain of Arrows targets a raid member and is similar to Marrowgar’s Bone Spikes, so kill the arrow as soon as possible to free them.  He also does Volley (man, do I miss this on my hunter), but it’s different and only attacks in a cone in front of him, which can be also avoided easily.

Meng the Demented is probably the hardest of the four Kings to face.  His Maddening Shout causes all raid members to be hostile to one another.  The only way to break this is to do enough damage to everyone, preferably using your AoE spell.  I usually drop Consecrate right before Maddening is cast so that everyone will start taking ticks of it when they become hostile to me.  This is a another spell that will cast throughout the remainder of the encounter.  Meng also does Cowardice, wich reflects damage back to everyone in the raid.  You don’t want to let his Insanity get too high, or the damage will be hard to heal.  You might need to back off the dps until his Insanity get to a more manageable number.

The last King was Zian of the Endless Shadow.  He casts Undying Shadows which summons an add that fixates a random raid member.  Once the add dies, it turns into a large void zone, like the Defile in the Lich King encounter.  But this void zone shrinks over time and turns back into the add, which will target another raid member.  Try to keep the void zone around the outer edges of the room to give your raid more room to move around.  He also does Shadow Blast, which is casted a lot, but can be interrupted, so try to interrupt this as much as you can.

This was a pretty fun encounter which again keeps you on your toes and tests out your raid awareness.  For the rest of the night, we worked on Elegon, which looks pretty tough.  Khizarra has a great post that describes the fight, hopefully we can down him next week!

6 responses to “Mogu’shan Vaults – Spirit Kings Spirited Away!

  1. Ooh grats! We got our must love dogs too! Our tanks were to spazz to steal the other abilities so we couldn’t get Feng’s one, but hopefully next time!
    NIce work on Spirit Kings! Meng is definitely the hardest in my opinion, and good luck on Elegon! I don’t think my group will be able to do it for a while…

  2. Your picture made me realize we didn’t even think to take a picture for the kill. It happened so quickly that I think no one (except you obviously) even thought about it.

    Elegon will go down next week.

    • It’s all good, I know everyone was excited for the kill and anxious to move onto Elegon, but man, that trash after the Kings really took the wind out of our sails, lol.

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