Arvash of Col’dar-ra

Not even close to being as impressive as Zug’s new prize, I got a new mount last night courtesy of the BMAH, the Reins of the Blue Drake.  Didn’t spend quite as much as Zug did either, only cost me a cool 60K. =P  I know it’s just a regular drake, but gotta collect them all, right?  Now if only the Blue Proto Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle would drop for me or appear on the BMAH….

You can still get this mount off Malygos in the 10-man version of Eye of Eternity or from the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries from the Dungeon Finder.  Score another BMAH mount for SR!

19 responses to “Arvash of Col’dar-ra

    • Thanks, it is a lot of gold, but I’m glad I saved up all my monies in Cata for something like the BMAH…I’m hoping it will release more rare mounts, like the Spectral Tiger, Black Qiraji Tank, Wooly Rhino, etc.

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