Zugzuug of Al’ar

Image from wallpaperswide

So Drak’Tharon saw its first Ashes of Al’ar mount posted on the Black Market Auction House on Saturday.  This mount has a ridiculous drop rate off Kael’thas in Tempest Keep of like 0.0000001% or something and if you’ve been farming this for weeks, months and years unsuccessfully, you know what I’m talking about.  Ever since Blizzard announced news and screenshots about the BMAH before Mists was released, Ashes was the most coveted mount that most people wanted.  So when the mount finally appeared, I knew that the residents of Drak were going to go crazy after it.

Zug was one of those crazies.  He had already gotten Bananas and Rivendare’s Deathcharger from BMAH already and wanted to add the colorful and bright mount to his collection.  We knew that the competition was going to be fierce, so Fayle and I decided to help out Zug get the mount.  With the three of us camping the BMAH, if one of us got overbid on, the other two would be quick to bid to maintain the high bid.

The auction started at 20K and quickly rose to 100K with 2 hours left to go.  Slice thought that the price should have been at 500k at that point, but with Drak being a low pop server, there probably weren’t that many high roller ballers around or interested.

With about an hour to go, the price had risen to 270K and by then, Fayle was getting antsy to get back to running heroics to cap out his VP, so he told Zug just to end it.  I was thinking he would just bump it up to something like 500K-700K to put it out of reach and break the hearts and hopes of the other Drak’onians looking to buy it, but Zug took it a step further.  He posted the “Buyout” price:

Yep, you read that right….999,999 gold.  There really isn’t a “Buyout” price for any auctions on the BMAH, but the maximum bid on any auction is 999,999, so if you’re looking to guarantee an item as yours, this is what you’re gonna have to bid, lol.  At first, Fayle thought you could still bid on the mount, but the Bid box turned grey and you can’t enter another digit after the 104899.  Oh, and for good measure, Zug posted the minimum bids on Cat Carrier and the Picnic Basket and won them both as well, lmao.  He did have a rare moment of “fayleness” though….he found out later that he already had the Siamese cat in his pet journal already. ><

We decided to hang around the BMAH and wait for the auction to officially end so we could take pics with Zug on his new mount.  The other bidding Hordies that were monitoring the auctions quickly dispersed after they found out that the mount was just “crit’d” on.  There was an Alliance warrior and pally that were hanging around too, so Zug, Fayle, Slice and I had a little fun by keeping them out of the BMAH.  We ended up killing the pally three or four times before the pally made a Horde alt to yell obscenities to me about not letting him check out the auction house.  Why he only targeted me, I have no clue, cause Zug and Fayle were the first ones to attack him by trying to ginzu’ing him to death on his mount.  Maybe he got mad because on one of his deaths, I threw out the D.I.S.C.O. ball and he clicked on it, dismounting him and we all just went to town on his ass, lol.  But we decided to put our nice guy suits on and we allowed he and warrior to check out the auctions and have their dreams crushed too.  We even ended up having a toy party with the pally, having sandbox tiger rides, D.I.S.C.O. dances and even a foam sword friendly fight.  Who says Horde and Alliance can’t get along? =P

So SR is not only taking over the regular AH, but we’re going to own the BMAH too, lol.  Muhahaha!  Grats Zug on your new mount!