Mogu’shan Vaults – The Spiritbinder Broken!

Another MSV kill for Shadow Rising last night, as we broke down the spirit of Gara’jal the Spiritbinder.  This is mainly a dps and healer fight, so tanks get a break, yay!

We started the night with three healers, mainly to get our rotations down, which dps and healers to send to the Spirit World.  We had a couple attempts where some of our healers or dps couldn’t get out of the Spirit World in time and caused a wipe, due to either a bug with their special action buttons or lag.  Gara’jal has a short enrage timer at 6 minutes, so when we hit that in our next to last attempt, we switched to two-healing and got our kill on the next one.

Even though Moog and I got a break from tank dancing on this fight, there were a couple of mechanics we still had to manage.  First, tanks want to make sure that they get aggro on Gara’jal and maintain it right off the bat; once he marks his first Voodoo Doll targets (1 tank, 1 healer, 1 dps), he becomes untauntable until he banishes his main aggro target.  So if you have dps aggro monsters that like to go all out at the start, like Zug, in your raid, make sure to taunt back quickly or it’ll throw Spirit World rotations off and eventually become a wipe.  Also, the tank that gets Voodoo Doll’d will not only be taking damage from Gara’jal, but damage that the other two Voodoo Doll targets take, so use your CDs here to mitigate the damage.  Try to also keep Gara’jal away from the spirit totems he places on the ground, so that your raid members don’t accidentally get sent to the Spirit World when they’re not supposed to.

Once a tank gets banished and sent to the Spirit World, you will need to find a specific mob that only tanks can see, called the Severer of Souls (see above pic).  For some reason, even though I had enemy health bars turned on, I couldn’t see the Severer’s bar, so you might have to search for it.  This mob has to be killed in order for the banished tank to exit the Spirit World.  Other raid members in the Spirit World cannot see or target this mob, so it’s up to you to kill it on your own.  The Severer does not have much health, so it should not be a problem to solo it.  If you see that dps are having trouble getting down the Shadowy Minions, you can help kill them down; you have 30 seconds to kill the Severer before you have to get back out.

At 20%, Gara’jal goes into a Frenzy mode, where he does massive damage and no longer sends anyone to the Spirit World.  This is basically your burn phase where you can use Bloodlust and all your CDs.

Some of the guys didn’t want a pic of our kill shot with all the skeletons in the way, but I went ahead and took one anyways. =P  Our guild is making good progress and now that we’ve seen enough of these first three bosses, we should be able to get them down quicker and get more work done on the last three.  We put in a couple attempts on the Spirit Kings and it looks to be another crazy movement fight, plus it’s a single-tank one, so it’ll be my time to shine, lol.