WoW TCG – War of the Ancients is here and have I got “Eyes” for you!

War of the Ancients Epic Collection and Booster Box

Finally went through my Epic Collection and booster boxes of the new WoW TCG expansion, Timewalkers: War of the Ancients and once again I must say, Cryptozoic did an excellent job putting out another great set!  With a huge set of hero cards from heroes and villains past and present, new abilities, allies and gear to choose from, this is turning out to be an awesome block.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next two sets.

Each booster box comes with 36 packs, with 15 game cards per pack.  I usually buy boxes through an online card gaming website, but you can find single packs at most Targets or Wal-Marts as well.  If you’re interested in getting the Epic Collection box, you can also find those at Target and Wal-Mart and you get the following goodies:

  • 1 Collector’s box
  • 6 Booster packs
  • 1 Playmat
  • 1 Deck box
  • 15 Card dividers
  • 1 Visual Spoiler (has images of every card in the set)
  • 5 Foil Hero cards
  • 1 Loot card (generally it’s the common loot card, i.e. pet, but you have a chance at getting the uncommon or rare loot cards too, it hasn’t happened to me yet, lol)

Just wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite cards from this set:

Arthas and his alter ego

The Brothers Stormrage and Illidan in his corrupted form

A longtime artist for the WoW TCG, Jonboy Meyers does the best work imo

This is an interesting card.  The card on the right is numbered as “EA”, which stands for Extended Art.  Extended Art cards are usually promo cards that are given out at events like Sneak Peaks, New Releases or Tournaments.  And they are usually “extended” versions of the original art pieces that are surrounded by the card text and borders.  This card is neither; it’s a new art piece, which I think looks better than the original.  I think it’s cool that Cryptozoic is now inserting these Extended Art cards in the packs.

Poor Rhonin.  Did he really perish at the Battle of Theramoore, or is he really just “lost in time”?  Only Blizz time will tell….

Hey, these guys look familiar, lol.

And what everyone’s been waiting for, the phat loot cards!  I’ve only redeemed the Eye of the Legion and the Demon Hunter’s Aspect loot cards, not sure what I want to do with the Feldrake, as I’m not really fond of the recolored drake mount.  I might try to sell it though, we’ll see.

Eye of the Legion

Arv doing his best Three Stooges impersonation…..nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

The Eye of Legion is a nice addition for any pet collectors out there.  It shares the same model as the upcoming Darkmoon Eye that’s going to be released with the new additions to the Faire.  It’s considered an Undead pet for you pet battlers, so if you’re missing this type of creature, here’s a good pick up for you.

Demon Hunter’s Aspect

The Demon Hunter’s Aspect is a fun on-use item that transforms you into a version of Illidan himself, complete with blindfold and tattoos.  The disguise lasts for 5 minutes, has a 30 minute cooldown and has unlimited uses.  Using this item also changed the color and style of my hair, Arv currently sports short dark hair.  I’m not sure how this item works for the other races or females, but it is a cool item regardless.  I only wished that it would also give me some temporary War Glaives to play with, lol.

I only have “eyes” for you

So do you want your own Eye of Legion to follow you around too?  Well, you’re in luck, I have two eyes to give away to two lucky readers, all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  You can comment as much as you would like, but I’ll only count your name once.  Your comment must be in by Saturday, October 26th at 12 am US-EST for you to be included in the drawing.  Once I have all the names, I’ll throw them into my opened Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron (aka hat) and draw out two random peeps.  I will update this post with the winners and email them with the codes to redeem from Landro Longshot.  Good luck to all!

UPDATE:  Congrats to Cymre and Khizzara, you guys are the brand new owners of some green eyeballs!

20 responses to “WoW TCG – War of the Ancients is here and have I got “Eyes” for you!

  1. I wonder if you’ll just get transformed into a male with the item. LOL, I agree, a pr of glaives would have been fun to add to the illusion. GL selling the mount 🙂

    Gotta catch ’em all!

    • I’m half tempted to get another one and give it to my female panda just to see what it trasforms her into. Maybe I could get one with my feldrake monies, lol.

  2. Ooh, I wouldn’t mind an eyeball pet! Though I also wouldn’t mind a Feldrake, LOL. I’m not made of money though, so no chance I could buy it off you. I hope you find someone crazy enough to drop $200 on an in-game item, because yay, monies!

    • Yeah, I’m not getting my hopes too high on $200, I’m pretty sure others feel the same way as I do on the mount. Something like the Wooly Rhino, Magical Rooster or even the Spectral Tiger have their own uniqueness to them, which would make them more attractive sellers.

  3. Hi, this is my first time on your site and I’ll definitely be taking a further look around. I enjoyed your unboxing and breakdown of some of the unique cards and items. It must be fun to go through an entire set and find some cool, sought-after new loots. I admit I get a little frustrated every time I buy a couple of packs of cards and wind up without any loot. But I guess at least I’ll always have eBay or other ways of picking up some of these rare items. 🙂 Thanks for the interesting info and for giving us the chance to win an Eye!

    • Thanks for visiting! If you don’t mind the other stuff that comes with it, you could always get the Epic Collection box; you’re always guaranteed to get at least the common loot card from the set.

  4. I think the artwork from the first cards (Arthas/LK) are my favourite style, to be honest. I’m just “feeling it” as it were.

    I’d recommend selling that Feldrake on e-bay. Can’t bring myself to do what we talked about. 🙂

    • The neat thing about the Hero cards (which I should have shown) is that when you flip them over, they’re essentially “extended art versions” of the front pic.

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