Mogu’shan Vaults – Curse you, Feng!

We finally got Feng the Accursed down last night after putting many attempts Tuesday and Wednesday.  This was another tanky and heavy movement fight that really tests your reflexes and your position placement.

At the beginning of the fight, the tanks need to pick up one of two gems that spawn in the middle of the room.  The Shroud of Reversal is an ability that allows you to mimic one of Feng’s abilities that he uses, which you can use against him.  This is a channeled cast and has to be targeted on another player for you to copy his spell.  You cannot use the Shroud on yourself, so make sure that Feng is attacking the other tank or player.  It is on a 30 second CD, so you could make good use of it if you’re quick on the draw.

The other gem is the Nullification Barrier.  This allows the tank to put up a bubble similar to a Death Knight’s Anti-Magic Shield to prevent incoming damage to the group or even Feng.  It is on a 90 second CD, so it has to be used at the right time.

In phase 1, Feng uses three abilities, Lightning Lash, Lightning Fists and Epicenter.  Lightning Lash is a stacking debuff that he puts on the tank that deals damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.  This is one of the tank swap mechanics of the fight, you want to try to keep the no higher than two as much as possible.  Lightning Fists is a frontal cone attack that interrupts and stuns anyone who is it front of Feng.  This is what the Shroud tank should steal and use against him for the third ability he uses, Epicenter.  Epicenter is a channeled AoE ability that does lots of damage the closer you are to Feng.  The Nullification tank should use their barrier here if the Shroud tank cannot interrupt or if it’s too late for the raid to run out.

This part of the fight is what gave me the most trouble.  The DBM timers were wonky at times and I would cast Shroud on Moog either too early or too late and mimic Lightning Lash instead of Lighting Fists.  So I would use the raid chat announcements instead to know when to cast Shroud.  Moog and I would alternate our gem abilities every Epicenter, so we could manage our CDs and make sure that we would always have one of them available.

Phase 2 begins when Feng is at 66% health.  In phase 2, Feng switches over to his fire abilities, Flaming Spear, Wildfire Spark and Draw Flame.  Flaming Spear is another stacking debuff on the tanks, just like Lightning Lash, so you also want to keep the stacks to two at the most.  Wildfire Spark is a debuff that Feng puts on any non-tank player that places a patch of fire on the floor after 5 seconds.  You want to get this away from the raid as far as possible.  Draw Flame is Feng’s third ability that he uses to consume all the fires that come from Wildfire Spark.  The more fires Feng consumes, the more AoE damage he does to the raid.

For this fight, Moog and I tanked Feng in the middle of the room and we made use of Lyssi’s warlock Teleportation gates to placing the Wildfire Spark fires away from the raid.  I tried to use the Shroud on a player with the Wildfire Spark debuff, but everyone away too fast for me to channel it.  It’s not really needed for phase 2, but the Nullification barrier is.  What it does is it prevents Feng from absorbing the fires during Draw Flame, so Moog placed his barrier in the path between Feng and the fires.  Since the CD is long on the barrier, Moog was only able to use it twice during the four Draw Flames in the phase.  So he used it on the second and fourth Draw Flames so that we wouldn’t transition into phase 3 with Feng all buffed up.

Phase 3 begins when Feng is at 33% health.  In phase 3, Feng gives up playing with fire and goes arcane with Arcane Shock, Arcane Velocity and Arcane Resonance.  Arcane Shock is just like Lightning Lash and Flaming Spear for the tank, so make sure to swap at every two stacks again.  Arcane Velocity is the exact opposite of Feng’s Epicenter from phase 1; the farther you are when he channels this ability, the more damage you take.  It’s important for the raid to stack during this.  Arcane Resonance is a debuff that is placed on a ranged player or healer and does AoE damage to anyone 6 yards around them.  This person needs to GTFO from the raid if they get targeted with it.

Nullification barrier is again essential to this phase and should be used during Arcane Velocity, when everyone is stacked up together.  We used our Bloodlust during this phase as this is the final phase and our two top melee hitters, Zug and Fayle don’t have to move at all, so they could just wail on the boss until he went down.

Looking back at the fight, I’ll have to find out better uses for Shroud in phase 2 and 3 as I could probably help out more with the dps in stealing Wildfire Spark and Arcane Resonance.  We put in a couple of attempts on the next boss Gara’jal and I’m thankful that Moog and I get to take a break from tank dancing as this seems to be more of a dps and healer fight, lol.

All I can say is thanks to everyone at Shadow Rising for being patient with Moog and me.  I know it’s been a rough two weeks of raiding with all the wiping involved, but I think we’ve got it down pat.  Can’t wait to get a Troll kill under our belts next week!

29 responses to “Mogu’shan Vaults – Curse you, Feng!

  1. It was painful yes, but we got the bosses down. I noticed on Tuesday that the dog fight was much smoother than the previous week. The only real issue we had was learning to deal with the chains. The wiping on Tuesday was learning phase 1 & 2 and last night was learning phase 3.

    I have full confidence that next week will see repeat kills on the first two bosses fairly quickly AND a kill on the troll boss. That guy seemed pretty easy and once we get the spirit realm player rotation down we’ll be fine.

    • Funny you mentioned that, I wanted to get that for you guys last night as a gift for putting up with my fayleness for the past two weeks. I tried to steal the last Epicenter on one attempt, but next Epicenter was so quick and Shroud and Barrier were on CD that it turned out to be a wipe. Plus you guys move out for Wildfire Spark so quick with the Teleportation gates that it’s hard to capture that spell. Don’t worry, one of these weeks I’ll surprise you all with that acheivement!

      • Epicenter will def be the most one dangerous one to get, I would say for that one we may want to wait till we get more gear under our belt. Cause even with CD, Epicenter hurts.

      • No, I think you have mimic the abilities and kill Feng in the same attempt to get credit. I remember copying Epicenter a couple times when I was late on getting Fists on several attempts, which of course we would wipe on and we never got credit for it.

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  3. Strong work everyone! I really think Blizz did a good job with the 1st two fights, as annoying as they were, It really did give tanks something to do other then just sit there, hit CD and get hit in the face. 🙂

    The 3rd fight really does not seem as bad as the 1st two. I was kind of surprised as to how often he placed the spirit totems down. But that will just be down to paying attention to who gets to go down to kill spirits and who stats above. As a healer wow that mana regen buff is a huge. I could go back to spamming PW:S etc. (ah bubble spamming) Absorbs are so OP against those who are Voodoo dools.

    I so cannot wait to work on the 4th fight, the spirit kings, its the only one tank fight in the 1st raid zone, so appears you two decide who wants to take a break from getting their jaws broken for a night.

  4. Looking around with the shroud appears you can steal the following

    Fistss for no epicenter, epicenter for DPS, in phase one.

    Phase 2, wildfire spark

    phase 3 resonance

    To get said abilties:

    epicenter, a tick of epi gets you it.

    wildfire spark – have it on them when the spark debuff expires

    Velocity/resonance are just when they get a tick of it

    Fists seems like it should be getting hit, but I screwed up one and it still gave me it for channeling while the person was stunned but well after they actually got hit

  5. Stone Guard Cheev – dog pets out then they are defeated. (Fayle….)

    Feng – we have the LIghtning Fist part – need epicenter, Spark, velocity and resonance.

    Gara’jal – there is a Ancient Mogu Relic in the spirit realm someone has to click on. Does not require fhe boss to die to get, So it its a wipe jump in the realm and look for it!

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  7. Woot! Grats, guys!

    Good idea with the lock portal thing. We have a lock, but we have never made use of that new portal thing. We just make people run out all old school.

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