Mists of Pandaria is here!

Just picked up my MoP Collector’s Edition from Gamestop a little while ago!  The red box with gold lettering looks awesome (For the Horde! lol)  I think it looks great with my other WoW encyclopedias, haha.

Now I’m off to go count some pandas in the dreamworld and get some sleep, see you all in Pandaria later!

8 responses to “Mists of Pandaria is here!

    • Lol….must…collect….all….teh….things!

      One reason I did it was to experience the midnight release, since Best Buy jipped me out of that for Cata (i.e. they never had one and I had to come back and pick it up at 9am, fayle).

      The experience was underwhelming; there was like 30 people waiting outside the store and not all of them bought MoP, they were buying FIFA Soccer and other games ><. I was in and out in 10 minutes, lol.

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