My First OpenRaid Experience – Heroic ICC 25 Man

I’ve been reading a lot around the internez about this website called OpenRaid, which is a website where you can organize or join cross-realm raids or PvP groups.  It’s pretty simple to join; all you have to do is create an account and supply your character(s) information and either your RealId or Battletag.  You then receive an email confirming your raid/group spot and off you go.  Easy enough, right?  I had some free time Sunday afternoon, so I signed up for a Heroic ICC 25 man run.  Here’s a description of the raid:

The raid was created/led by Travex from US-Khadgar.  The rules were laid out and self-explanatory and we started right at 2 pm.  We had a full 25 man raid and everyone was decently geared, so this was looking to be a quick run.

We killed Marrowgar so fast, none of the Bone Spikes came up, but we still got Boned, lol.

We had a hiccup on Lady Deathwhipser, there were some people in the raid that needed the Full House achievement, including me, but Travex apparently didn’t see that or misinterpreted the readycheck and we killed Lady so fast, so we missed out on that achievement.  Next was Lootship 1.0.  I already had the I’m on a Boat achievement, but it is currently bugged and you get it anyways even if people jump over more than once.

Deathbringer Saurfang also went down quick and he only got one wave of Blood Beasts out, and that was it for the first part of ICC.

Looting the gold off Saurfang also got me Got My Mind On My Money, the 100,000 gold version.  I know Arv had 70,000 of that on his own and with the new achievement sharing, my alts combined to make up the other 30,000.

Next was the Plagueworks, with Rotface, Festergut and Putricide, whom we all killed fairly quickly.  I rolled against another pally for a chance to do the Unholy Fusion part of the Shadowmourne quest and won, but I passed it over to him because he said that he tried to do it last week in this same raid group and wasn’t able to complete it.  Unfortunately, the encounter seemed bugged again for that part of the questline, because he was not able to gather up any of the pools. =(

Plagueworks done!

The Crimson Halls was next.  We lost The Orb Whisperer achievement at the last second when someone took a 7,500 hp shot to the face.  D’oh!  And I also missed out on the Once Bitten, Twice Shy achievement when a stupid feral druid bit me after I had said that I didn’t need to be bitten for the second part of the achievement.  /facepalm  Oh well, Crimson Halls complete!

The Frostwing Halls also went by quick, we had plenty of heals and people to cover the portals for Portal Jockey:

And Sindragosa was cake too, along with her meta, and Frostwing Halls was complete!

Onward to the Lich King!

We actually took about four attempts on this, as people were getting blown off the platform from the shadowtraps that were laid out in phase one.  But once we got everything right, the King finally died to our swords.

With that Heroic Lich King 25 man kill came one of the coolest, no pun intended, titles in the game, another one that I’ve been wanting to get for a while.  It even sounds paladinish too, lol.

The raid lasted about 2 hours; it would have been an hour and a half long, but we spent a little bit of time getting the Blood Fusion for a dps on the Blood Queen and obviously the wipes on Heroic LK.

After the raid is completed, you are sent a survey in your email that allows you to rate your OpenRaid experience and you can also rate your raid leader and raid mates as well.  The rating is then calculated and you’re given a sort of an ongoing OpenRaid reputation (Unfriendly, Friendly, Honored, Revered and Exalted) so that you can see who are the good players who play well with others from the baddies.  So you better be on your best behavior if you want to get invited to another, lol.

So after all that, this is what I needed left to get my mount:

I’m hoping to find another group before MoP comes out to finish this (and my other metas I’m close to finishing).  My first experience with OpenRaid was great and hope that others will also try it out.  Maybe I’ll see one of you guys out there, so go sign up!

13 responses to “My First OpenRaid Experience – Heroic ICC 25 Man

    • Yeah, check it out, they’ve got all kinds of groups of different sizes doing all kinds of raids as old as Molten Core all the way up to Dragon Soul. I’ve also seen groups for the Amani Bear mounts in ZA and other 5-mans. But you have only have a couple of weeks to do it though, once MoP comes out, I doubt many people will be focused on the old stuff for at least a couple of months.

  1. OMG That is awesome! Sigh, I would love to kill heroic LK, and do the last 2 bosses on heroic for my achievement. Maybe I can check into this openraid thing as well!

    • Thanks! You should check it out, they have groups doing stuff at all times of the day. Even if you can’t find a raid to join, you could always make one of your own and fill it with others who are also looking in OpenRaid.

  2. Grats on your achieves! Wish I had known about OpenRaid earlier this summer – would have been a great time to get some achieves and something interesting to do (besides dailies 😛 )

  3. I think I’d rather do archy than do this open raid thing…..

    O wait, I mean Grats yo!

    Get to ordering that new PC so you can see more than 2 feet in front of you!

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