Ambermist’s August Challenge: I’m a Collector

Ambermist over at Tastes Like Battle Chicken issued this challenge for the month of August to her readers:

Do you cling to materials in the hopes of always having what you need, or do you store things for the sake of nostalgia? Is your inventory or storage neatly organized or do you rely heavily on search tools to find what you need? Do you collect pets? Mounts? Gear? Memories?

So this is your challenge: I want to know what you collect in the game or games you play. However and why-ever you loot, keep, store, organize, whatever you hold onto, or even if you refuse to hold onto anything–tell me about it!

If you don’t know by now, I’m a big collector, both in-game and out-of-game.  In-game, I collect what most WoW collectors get:  mounts, pets and gear.  I couldn’t imagine how it used to be when your pets and mounts took up bag space, we would have some ridiculously huge bags right now!

I use Bagnon as my addon of choice for item management.  It combines all your items into one big bag, one for your personal bank and one for the bags you carry on your toon.  It’s not as organized like other bag addons like AdiBags, but it suits me fine and allows me to organize my stuff the way I want to see it.

Here’s a screenshot of my Void Storage:

As you can see, it’s already full and most of it is old tier gear of various sorts up to tier 12 collected throughout the years or by transmog runs.  Most of the gear hold special memories for me, like items I’ve been waiting to drop after million kills to gear used to take down end bosses like the Lich King and Nefarian.

Next, let’s look at Arv’s bank:

Lol, yeah, I’m definitely running out of space.  Not sure what I’m gonna do when the gear from MoP starts rolling in unless we get even bigger bags.  My bank contains all my quest reward fun items, archy finds, weapons, shields, robot fuel (do the Dew!) and TCG toys that I don’t use regularly.  The tabards you see at the top are ones that you cannot buy back from the Tabard Vendor or require a special currency to purchase.  This includes holiday tabards, achievement tabards, certain faction tabards and the tabards bought from the UDE points website (Tabard of Frost, Void, Brilliance, Fury, Nature, Defender and Arcane).  At one point in my early days playing WoW, I ended up deleting all my tabards, including my UDE point tabards, and other items just to make space.  Thankfully, Blizz was very helpful in restoring my UDE point tabards back.  I been wishing for Blizz to give us a Tabard Storage too, or even a drop down similar to our Titles, so that we free up some space.  My current PvE ret set is at the bottom left and since Arv is my JC and main AHer, I keep my extra gems in the bottom right.  And yes, I do have one of the Bindings of the Windseeker, if I ever wanted to complete Thunderfury, lol.

And lastly, here are Arv’s bags:

You’re probably thinking, “What’s he talking about?  He’s got a lot of space left!”  Like I mentioned above, Arv is my main AHer, so I have just enough space to repost my items from the mailbox in one trip.  Otherwise, I’d be making 5 to 6 trips back and forth.  Thank God Blizz finally allowed us to stack cut gems, it was such a PITA before, lol.  Also in the screenshot, you can see my tank set, gems for cuts on the fly, profession equipment and my most frequently used toys.

Oh, and another reason for all that space?  AoE looting.  I try to loot every shiny I see, so I gotta make space for all those entire room pulls like I would do for a Rivendare’s mount run.  I’m so excited not having to spend more time looting than actually killing the mobs and bosses, haha.

So there you have it,  that’s the inside scoop to what goes on in my crazy collection in WoW!

20 responses to “Ambermist’s August Challenge: I’m a Collector

  1. Argh, what I would do for tabard storage. I told my friend Ainyan the other day that I really just want to buy another void storage tab. Why won’t they make that an option? PRETTY PLEASE?

    This challenge has made me feel so much better about my bad collecting habits. I am not alone! 😀

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