PvP Weekend Update – Maybe Gilneas doesn’t suck so much after all….

This weekend’s Call to Arms battleground was Battle of Gilneas.  I know I blasted it the last time I talked about it here, but it actually wasn’t that bad this time around, lol.  I logged on Sunday night and Adoe was telling me that Gilneas was being really good to him and that he was 12-1 so far for the day.  I was actually surprised, I mean, the Horde winning that many BGs in a single day???  I had to see this for myself and told Adoe to queue Slice and me up for some of that Gilneas luck.

The way the battleground is set up is the Alliance start point is close to the Lighthouse and the Horde start point is close to the Mines, with the Waterworks equidistant from both.  The strat we use is we try to take the Lighthouse off the bat through the back way along the coast, to try to evade any Alliance going after Mines.  According to the Adoe Addon (which is not available on Curse and you cannot haz =P), either we successfully take LH, if the majority of the Alliance group heads off to Mines/WW, or we hold off what Alliance force stays behind at LH for as long as possible to give our team a chance at securing Mine/WW.

The first match pretty much set the tone for the night.  As our team quickly grabbed the Mines and WW, Slice, Adoe and I made quick work of the Alliance at LH and 3 capped them.  They did manage to get 10 points off before Slice was able to capture the flag, so we just missed out on getting Gilneas Perfection.  We did win under 6 minutes and got an achievement for it, so it was all good.

The second match started off bad.  Our group was very disorganized and many of the group either quit and just stood on the boat or left the BG all together.  The SR trio kept match from getting too out of hand by capping and maintaining as many flags as we could, but we were at a 2 to 1 flag disadvantage for a good while.  We had a big gap in resources and needed to make a move if we wanted to win.  As we started to get replacements for those who had left at the beginning,  Adoe and Slice gave out orders in BG chat and the rest of the group listened and came together.  We flipped the 2 to 1 advantage in our favor and slowly were coming back, eventually taking the win.  It ended up to be a great comeback match for which we were nicely awarded with:

We played another 6 games, only losing 2 to some really good and well-geared Alliance teams and closed out the night with 6 wins and 2 losses.  I had a really good time last night.  I think with Adoe, Slice and me communicating and coordinating well on vent, it made the experience better.  It’s really nice to have good teammates and ones who give good directions to others in the group. =)

We did talk about future plans to get an arena team going in MoP and possibly work on some titles.  I think we’ll start with 3s and I know Zug said he’d like to join so would could probably rotate in and out.  If we could find a fifth, running 5s would be awesome.  We’re also looking forward to the new BGs coming out in MoP too, they look different enough to be a new challenge to experience.  Thanks guys for a pretty awesome and fun night!

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