14 responses to “WarFare Theater: Fayle tries to tame his new Pandaren Cloud Serpent mount

    • That’s right! I forgot there was an orange version! I’m a sucker for dragon models and figures, especially when McFarlane had the Dragons line out, so when I saw this sucker online for cheap, I just had to pick him up. It’s a really great sculpt and really puts the other, smaller heroclixes (heroclixi? haha) into perspective.

      • HeroClix is singular and plural, a la deer.

        I helped out a local comic shop for his 5th anniversary and at the end of the day he gave me the orange one as a thank you. The detail with the orange skin looks even more impressive.

        And, yeah, I have two McFarlane’s as well. One’s a sorcerer dragon…can’t remember if the other one is as well offhand. I also have the Colossal Blue and Black Dragons from D&D (and have debated picking up the Black Dragon from Pathfinder).

      • Lol, thanks for the clarification. Man, that is a nice thank you gift! The only other large Heroclix I have is Sinestro in his Yellow Armor Construct. But I wouldn’t mind having Starro or any of the Sentinel ones either.

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