Ransacking the Monastery

Yeah, I’m in the middle there, somewhere….

Anne Stickney of WoW Insider put out a post last week that reminded us of the new changes to the Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery instances and the chance that we may not see some of the old gear drops when the instances get upgraded to heroic.  One of the items that was listed that caught my eye was the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, a green quality tabard that only drops from the Scarlet Trainees that appear after Herod is killed.  I already have this tabard on Val, but since these aren’t account wide, I figured it would be a quick run and something to add to my ever-growing number of tabards that are taking up so much space in Arv’s bank (Tabard Storage, please Blizz!!!)

So Monday night, I headed off to the Monastery and apparently being the noob I am, I took the wrong door and ended up in the Library part of SM. ><  Oh well, I thought, might as well blast through this quick then.  I remembered a post that Hyperious wrote about the Dog Whistle trinket that dropped from Houndmaster Loksey and how that it could also be removed from the game after Mist of Pandaria releases.  And come to find out, I didn’t have that trinket either on Arv, lol.  So after a long and hard 0.001 second battle with the Houndmaster, I got lucky and the trinket dropped for me on the first go.

Sit Booboo sit…good dog!

Ok, now off to the Armory part of SM, which is where I needed to be for the tabard.  I killed Herod so many times and kept resetting the instance that after the sixth of seventh time, the instance gods had enough of me and told me I could do no more for a while.  Oh well.  So I hearthed back and sold al the silk cloth on the AH for a nice bit of change and called in a night.

WTB AoE looting….hurry up 5.0.4!

I decided to try my luck again Tuesday night and brought Chewy’s newly created level 30 shammy along for the ride.  After the fourth pass through, I finally got what I came for.

Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

So if you’re looking to get any of the old gear, trinkets or tabard from Scholo or SM, I’d suggest you better get a crackin’ before Blizz sends these to the gear archives.  Now if only the RNG gods would drop that damned fox kit pet so I can stop doing those effing dailies in TB and be finally done with that place!

12 responses to “Ransacking the Monastery

  1. Grats on the tabard. Oh I need to get the whistle of Cym. Hey did you happen to get the boots on your run 😛 If only you could trade them if you did =/

  2. Grats on the tabbard!

    I think I have it on my alliance mage and one of my alts on Drak.

    BTW love the doggie reference! I didn’t realize that wasn’t a local TV thing. Funny thing was when I read it I was reading it in that guy’s voice.

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  5. I should go farm that tabar on my alts – I got it totally by accident on a toon I did not want it on, now I’m sure the RNG gods will need a great many offerings before they favor me on the character I actually want it on. In any case, congrats, and thanks for the reminder!

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