Shadow Rising has been /reported for being Navispammed!

I logged in Sunday morning to run a couple of BGs with Navimie, Sevros and Fallnapart like I’ve been doing lately.  We ended up winning two out of three before Sev and Falln had to go.  Navi then wanted to help me with some Zul Gurub achievees, so she brought Azalpha and Mctacky along.  It’s funny how even though you can be in full 397 gear, you can still die to stupid shit, even in the Trollorics.  It had been a while since I was last in one, so promptly died like a noob to bad stuff on the ground and toxic links, lol.  We headed towards the High Priestess Kilnara for the first achievee, which I forgot to take a pic of, cause it looked pretty funny all us holding the rats.

We then went over to Jin’do to get another quick achievee and quickly died because we were just swarmed with adds, lol.  Thanks Navi, Aza and Tacky for helping me out with these!

Afterwards, Navi and I chatted for bit and she was talking about how she’s been wanting to meet more of the SR crew.  A couple of minutes later, Slice logs in and I whispered to him to go brush his hair and put a nice dress on and grab his beau, Lyssi, cause Navi wanted to meet them.  Navi went to log onto one of her many level one toons spread across the WoWverse so that she could paparazzi them.  I invited Adoe to the group and we threw a toy party right in the middle of Cowtown.  Then Navi said that she wished she was on her main for this as well, so we took the party over to ToGC for more photo ops, since Navi hasn’t had any spam shots from there.  I thought we were just gonna be there for a couple of pics when Adoe told me to switch it to 10 man heroic before zoning in.  He figured since we were here already, we might as well finish up the ToGC run that I botched up the settings on two weeks ago when Anub didn’t spawn for us.  And that’s when the SR floodgates opened.  Lyssi got Van, Tel and Zari (on his mage) to come and Adoe grabbed Shadey too.  Lyssi also put a quick call to Cayle and he said he and Zug would be on in 10 minutes.  So we quickly finished up the raid, finally getting Anub to spawn (yay!) and grabbing our achievees we missed last time.

So Cayle finally joined the raid after we abruptly interrupted him from his beauty sleep and we all got set up for our Navispam photo-op.  The only peeps we were missing were Zug and Moog, but otherwise pretty much all of SR was there.

I think we should bring Navi along more when we raid.  She pretty much got all of SR together today to raid, lol.  And she even got Cayle to join in, maybe next time he’ll actually do some work instead of looking pretty for the camera.  Thanks Navi for coming to visit us, we hoped you enjoyed your stay! =)

6 responses to “Shadow Rising has been /reported for being Navispammed!

  1. I’m telling you my post is called Silvermoon rising because it’s a whole damn guild of blood elfs! But I had a fantastic time!!! Grats on the chieves all and I’m glad I could help out 😀 It was lovely to meet you all ❤ My post willl be out next week (still got heaps of other ones scheduled :D)

  2. Navi, I hear you’re an Aussie!

    Next time we meet up we can throw some shrimp on the barbie!

    Maybe you can tell us about how the toilets flush the opposite way!

    Btw Arv,sitting there and looking pretty is what I do best!

    Well that and tank floor.

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