The Fall of the Eternity Sanctum of Naxxeyedian

I logged in Tuesday night, getting ready to run Dragon Soul to help gear up Moog on his warrior like we had done last week.  We had 7 people on (Lyssi, Slice, Adoe, Shadey, Van, Moog and me) and we were just waiting for Zari and Rekcals Koras to log in.  8:30 pm rolls around and still no Zari and, living up to his name, Rekclas Koras had made caviar and grey pupon dinner arrangements with high-class society and couldn’t make the raid.  So Lyssi typed in gchat that Slice wanted to know if we wanted to run old content.  I asked if Slice was drunk, cause he and Fayle usually cringe when we do anything other than current content.  I had suggested 25m Naxxaramas and Adoe had the same thought and said the same thing over vent, so we packed up the guild and headed over to Northrend.  Lyssi and Van invited a few more people to the party, including Pie on his priest, Angerfork on his lock and River on his mage.  We had a pretty good time in-game and on vent and racked up a bunch of achievees and transmog gear for everyone.  I managed to earn these cheeves in Naxx:

A couple screenshots from our Naxx 25m run:

And with all those achievees, I also earned the feat of strength [Oh Yeah! It’s Over 12000, But You’re Still Way Behind the Achievement Queen!], but for some reason it’s not showing up in the Armory….

We then decided to go on a 25m Obsidian Sanctum with 3 drakes up mount run and brought in Bocat on her priest along for the fun.  Grats to Angerfork on the mount!  I think we’ll need to run this every week for everyone, that is a sweet-looking mount!

We finished the night with one last raid, 25m Eye of Eternity.  Malygos also drops a couple of mounts, but they’re not guaranteed drops.  Our Adoe Addon suggested an easy way to defeat Maly that involved taking advantage of the buff zones and Time Warping right before the end of phase 1.  We blew Maly up and spent like 10 seconds in phase 2 on the drakes (I hated that phase when doing Maly back in Wrath, lol).  Got a couple more achievees in there as well:

A really fun night killing internet dragons and lots of undead!  Thanks to all who joined in the fun run and grats to all on your achievees and gear!

12 responses to “The Fall of the Eternity Sanctum of Naxxeyedian

    • It’s so nice to blast through stuff now, while reminiscing on how certain fights were so hard back in the day *cough*SafetyDance*cough*.

      Oh, and achievees are great too, lol.

      • I’m on a mission for mounts before MOP, because mounts go account wide, so if you guys do anything that involve mounts, like ICC, Ulduar, Ony, etc…definately hit me up.

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