PvP Weekend Update – Arathi Basin Weekend

I currently have a love-hate relationship with Arathi Basin.  I love it cause it reminds me a lot of those countless hours I spent in the original Blood Gulch in the first Halo.  The openness and fast-paced action and running from node to node capturing/defending flags.  And the view from the Lumber Mill overlooking the other nodes is pretty awesome too.  There is also reputation with The Defilers to be gained, although getting to Exalted with them is gonna take a hell of a long time, lol.

The weekend started off great, I think I went 5-2 on Friday.  We had some 4-cap games and even beat a premade that was just so unorganized I don’t know if you can even call them a premade.  Even though Arathi is one of my favorite BGs, I didn’t really get to play much in them as I was preoccupied with other things, so I finished the weekend at 9-5.

Then comes the hate.

One match, one loss, forever scarred into my brain and I will never ever forget it.

You’re probably thinking how could one match create all this hate for a favorite BG of mine.  Let me explain.

The match started like any other, Horde capturing Mines and Farm, while Alliance capturing Lumber Mill and Stables.  Then you have your epic battle at Blacksmith, which lasted forever before we were able to cap it.  Both teams were very evenly matched; we often traded one node for another, losing the lead, then gaining it back, all close the whole time.

We finally get to the 1500 point mark and it’s dead even at 1500-1500.  I can feel the stress coming on, this is gonna be close.  I’m battling my heart out at the Lumber Mill, dropping consecrate at the flag and Holy Wrathing like crazy, trying to keep a decent size Alliance group from assaulting the flag.

Then I see the Alliance lose the Stables, 3 nodes to 1 for the Horde, 1550 to 1540 Alliance, with DBM saying Alliance wins in 45 secs.

Horde loses Mines, 2 nodes to 1 for the Horde, 1570 to 1550 Alliance, DBM says Alliance wins in 30 secs.

Alliance loses Blacksmith, Horde loses Farm, 1 node to zero for the Horde, 1590 to 1580 Alliance, DBM announcing Horde wins in 5 secs.

Alliance defends Blacksmith, 1 node a piece, 1590 to 1590, effing DBM says Alliance wins in 1 sec.

Alliance wins, 1600 to 1590.


And to add salt to the wound, the Alliance around me have their We Had It All Along *cough* achievement pop up in chat.  FML.

It still stings.  I couldn’t believe it…we were coming back and that win and achievement was ours for the taking, but we just came up too short.  I was heated and flustered for the first time in any BG that I’ve played in.  Oh well, maybe next time…./sigh.

I did try out a Rated BG with the Frostees and we got Gilneasucksass.  Man, Rated is a totally different beast than a normal BG.  I think someone said in vent that the Alliance had a rating of like 1900 or something; I’m pretty sure mine and several others in our group was like zero.  Needless to say, we got our asses handed to us and put up a decent fight, but it was definitely a learning experience.  I think with more practice, our group can definitely hold our own next time.

6 responses to “PvP Weekend Update – Arathi Basin Weekend

    • It’s ok, it just sucks to lose not at the last minute, but the last freakin’ second, lol. When I heard you guys on vent getting that Gilneasucksass Perfection, I was so regretting hitting that Enter Battle button. So jealous! =)

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