Master of Tol Barad

Finally!  Tol Barad is complete!  Going into Friday, I needed only 5 more wins to get Tol Barad Veteran, which in turn would get me Master of Tol Barad.  It took all day, since the games were at least 2 hours apart and the Alliance won some of them, but I dun did it.

I’m glad I finished this zone before MoP gets released; I haven’t seen more than 10 Horde queue up for this BG in the past week.  Now I wish I could have completed Wintergrasp when it was current.  It takes forever now to build up kills and run the siege engines to the bring down the walls in Wintergrasp that it’s practically not worth it, especially if you’re the only one in the zone. Oh well.

Since I plan on not coming back here (unless SR wants a Alizabal guild kill), I took a couple of screenshots before I left the zone:

Warden’s Vigil


Ironclad Garrison

Mo Problim

For you pet and mount collectors out there, don’t forget that you can get the Rustberg Gull, the Reins of the Spectral Wolf and the Reins of the Drake of the West Wind with the commendations that you earn by doing the dailies in the zone.  I had some leftover commendations and forgot that the vendor sold this trinket, the Baradin Grunt’s Talisman.  I believe he can aid you in attacking mobs for a short duration, but I didn’t get to test it out.

Baradin Grunt’s Talisman

Now I won’t ever have to worry about zoning in here anymore!  Yay!!

Wait…..there’s a Fox Kit pet that drops in this zone, you say???  #$%^&!!!

Goodbye, Tol Barad……or is it?

9 responses to “Master of Tol Barad

  1. Grats on getting TB done. WG was a real pain to get. The wins by far was the hardest since we didn’t seem to win that often. I would love to get the fox, but no luck yet. There’s a critter with the same name on the beta which isn’t targetable. Seems a bit like a cruel joke tbh 😛

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