PvP Weekend Update

So this weekend’s Call to Arms was Twin Peaks.  I usually go tanky spec in CTF BGs to give our team a good chance of capping/protecting the flag and it usually goes great when you have a dedicated healer or two and pretty good dps on the EFCs.  Well, the Horde had a lot of fail this weekend.  I get that some people may be going after achievees in capping the flag, which I’m perfectly fine with and will drop the flag for, but if you’re say a ret pally with 120K health buffed with the flag and don’t respond back to me about going for said achievement, well….I blame this loss on you, buddy.  I can’t help that my tanky dps can’t save your sorry ass, while three rogues are stabbing you to death.  I was in a TP with Navi this morning and had a fail druid who grabbed the flag and didn’t know how to cap and didn’t bother help keeping the dps off Navi and she was his dedicated healer!  I ended up capping the first flag, when fail druid miraculously found brains and ended up capping the second before we won due to time running out.

Navi then grabbed Gutsy and I grabbed Adoe and we had an awesome Arathi Basin.  So awesome that we ended up 5-capping it and came reeeeeeeal close to getting Arathi Basin Perfection, only managing the Alliance to get 100 points off.  I did snag me an achievee, though.

The Frostees ended up logging out for the night afterwards and Adoe and I ran an Isle of Conquest that we surprisingly won real quick.  Next week’s Call to Arms is Arathi Basin, hopefully more wins (and HKs =)) may come to the Horde then.

Edit: Just did another AB at the end of Sunday night……FU Wrecking Ball achievee, lol.

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