What’s your favorite Blizzard cinematic or cutscene?

This was a question posted by WoW Insider in one of their Breakfast Topics last week.  The only one that come to my mind as the most memorable so far in my WoW experience would definitely be Thrall’s Kamehameha.

Lol, not really, but seriously the one cutscene that sticks out has to definitely be the Fall of the Lich King.

I still believe that WotLK is the best expansion so far and to finally put the Lich King to rest was a culmination of a lot of things for SR.  To see that cutscene after all the guild went through, the heartache, the frustration, the countless fish feasts, the sleepless nights…it was all worth it.  The vent chatter exploded with cheers, even as the cutscene was playing.  I don’t think I went to sleep for another two hours after I had logged off and boy did I pay for it at work the next morning, lol.  But you know what, it was all worth it.

So what’s your favorite Blizzard cinematic or cutscene?

12 responses to “What’s your favorite Blizzard cinematic or cutscene?

  1. That was truly an epic moment. One that I haven’t felt since. I think the closest was when we killed Nef, but even then this one was far and away the best.

    • And that’s the sad thing about Cata; we went through two more raids after Nef, with none of them capturing that same experience, at least for me. After completing Dragon Soul, I don’t feel like we closed the expansion on a high like we did with the Lich King. Here’s to MoP and hoping that it creates those exciting moments of accomplishment.

      • I don’t know if that is what helped to lead to my overall dissatisfaction with the game or what. After we finished T12 I just stopped wanting to log in. Truthfully I got tired of T12 about halfway through and only kept logging in because 1 – I was needed in the raid, and 2 – I was working on the legendary.

        I really want MoP to re-kindle my love for the game and raiding. My worry is that it won’t because of the massive changes coming to my class. I really hope I can adapt to them.

    • I totally forgot about that! For a good while after that night, everytime Don’t Stop Believing came on the radio, I would remember our Lich King kill, lmao!

  2. Wrathgate, hands down.

    ‘Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?’

    God, I get shivers down my spine just THINKING about it. I cry every time I watch it, still ….

  3. Wrathgate, I agree with rep. I watched that so many times, because I wanted to.
    Thrall with the dragon soul, on the other hand, I had to watch because I was FORCED to…

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