WarFare Theater: The Siege of Orgrimmar – Attempt #2

If you’re a comic book enthusiast, then you most likely remember a comic book magazine called Wizard: The Guide to Comics created by Wizard Entertainment.  I started reading the magazine with issue #35 and kept up with it until about issue #170 ish.  It kept me up to date with what was going on in the comic book world, had a price guide and even offered some nice exclusives like special edition cards and offers for #1/2 issues of some of the hottest comics at the time.

Wizard Entertainment also published a sister magazine called Toyfare.  This magazine also included a mini price guide, offers for exclusive figures, new toy news and other toy information.  But what got me hooked into this magazine was the humor that they portrayed in their toys.  They would take photos of these figures and bring them to life by adding word bubbles and action poses, which were often hilarious.

Sadly, both magazines have been discontinued, but I think that Wizard may have an online publication.  As a tribute to ToyFare and the many laughs it provided, I decided to create my own series, called WarFare Theater.  Without further ado, here is The Siege of Orgrimmar – Attempt #2.

13 responses to “WarFare Theater: The Siege of Orgrimmar – Attempt #2

  1. Arv….

    I see action figures and a satin covered bed…

    I know your wife is out of town, but is this really the kind of RP you do when she leaves?!?!

  2. I love the random Transformer.

    I miss Wizard and Toyfare. I wasn’t even buying comics but I still got those magazines because they were pretty funny.

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