Hanging out with the Frostees

Wednesday morning, I got up early to raid with Navimie and the Frostwolves.  They tried to see if they could get me into Vault of Archavon, but I guess that raid instance is server-only, so we ended up going to Blackwing Descent instead.  We had me, Navimie, Azalpha, Biship, Jinjersnaps, Lushnek, Mctacky, Roshii, Sevros and Souglyy in the raid.  Their vent was pretty entertaining, as it was pretty similar to Shadow Rising’s chatter, only with Aussie accents. =)

We tried to do Heroic Magmaw, but the encounter was pretty hectic, even for our gear levels.  so we decided to clear that on normal.

Next was the Omnotron Defense System.  We didn’t attempt that on heroic, but most, if not all of us, needed to not get hit by the Arcane Annihilator to get Achieve-a-tron.  We had several tries and kept messing up the interrupts on Arcanotron, but on the last attempt, the encounter bugged out and Electron was the only construct active the whole fight, so we burned him down and got our acheesement.

We then went over to Chimaeron and blew him up on heroic.

We then tried to get Heroic Atramedes and the Silence is Golden achievees, but it got too crazy to do both at the same time, so we just downed him on heroic.

It got late for some of the Frostees, so me, Navi and Jinjer did a couple of BGs.  We won a GSA (Gilneasucksass), almost 5-capped an Arathi Basin and lost a Warsong Gulch in the final mintues.  All in all, it was pretty fun morning for me.  Thanks again guys for letting me raid with you all and grats on everyone’s achievees.  Now I’m gonna go check out the new Spiderman movie with Chewy.

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